EU VAT Compliance & OSS Services: Navigating the Complexities

EU VAT Complexity and Compliance

Navigating the intricacies of the EU VAT System can be challenging, and within the realm of tax law, few areas match its convoluted complexity. Since business administration services constitute our core expertise, the significance of the EU VAT system, including EU VAT compliance and services, to our clients cannot be overstated. In response, our Accounting Department has developed a specialization in the EU VAT system, including the One-Stop-Shop (OSS) scheme. It can assist clients in navigating the labyrinth of VAT compliance.

E-commerce and VAT: The OSS Scheme Explained

The issue of VAT becomes even more complex for all actors involved in the e-commerce supply chain, from online sellers and marketplaces/platforms inside and outside the EU to postal operators, couriers, and consumers. The rules applicable in this industry are called the One Stop Shop (“OSS”) scheme. We offer detailed assistance on how these rules apply and how our services can facilitate your compliance with them.

VAT Services for Seamless Compliance

Our professionals can provide you with advice, consulting, and investigations in those cases that will be necessary. Our services include:

- VAT registration/deregistration
- VAT submission every quarter
- VIES submission every month
- Consulting and arranging accounting procedures and processes
- VAT Consultation
- Obtaining preliminary VAT rulings
- Handling VAT investigations
- VAT Representative services in Cyprus granting access to the EU market to non-EU entities

Count on us for expert advice, consulting, and thorough investigations to ensure seamless compliance in the complex landscape of EU VAT regulations.

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