The procedure to open a bank account sometimes becomes a long and frustrating process, when clients decide to arrange by themselves.

Dedalos has created specialized Banking Department which focuses essentially to assist you during the process for opening a bank account or offshore bank account. With our assistance, the whole procedure becomes smooth and simple, we liaise with the chosen bank and we handle your requests and your enquires, having the answers instantly. Our firm knows in advance what it is required and we keep update our clients.

We have experience with all the most reputable banks in Cyprus thanks to all these years handling the enquiries on behalf of our clients. We have understood the necessity of our client and their business to have access to their funds or very specific products.

Dedalos Corporate and Fiduciary Services  offers these services and we get involved in the opening of the bank account for our client, going one step further and trying to solve all the information and documentation pending. First, we understand our client’s business and then we offer the most appropriate service.

We are where our client’s needs us.

We understand that choosing a corporate bank account is not a simple decision and there are some points that you should considerate, for instance the range of cards, how is the on-line banking working, the banking fees or if the Bank provides a wide range of financial product.

We provide the simplest services such handle transactions on your behalf, be appointed as signatures of the bank account, issue bulk amounts of debit cards (specially for Shipping companies) or arrange more elaborate financial products.

Most of the Banks which we cooperate with don’t require physical presence. They offer the possibility to make the whole procedure from your own place without traveling and having access to a wide range of products thanks to e-banking services or via email, fax or telephone instructions.

However, other Banks which we are cooperating with will require an interview with the person who wishes to open the bank account. On this scenario we also assist you or travel with you if you need so.