Corporate Account,

It is the most demanded type of account and it offers everything you would expect from a corporate account and also clients will have access to  financial products:

  1. Debit card for purchases and cash withdrawals from branches and ATMs
  2. Standing orders and direct debits
  3. Same day transfers
  4. Keep track of your account on a 24-hour basis through E-banking
  5. Monthly statement of account
  6. Customer Service assistance through telephone.
  7. Possibility to execute guarantees, letter of credit (import and export credits), among financial products.
  8. Investment services

Personal Account

Also, we can assist you during the process to open your personal bank account having all the benefits that a corporate account can offer:

  • The possibility to have different kind of cards.
  • Multi currency account
  • Access to your bank account through internet.
  • Monthly statement of account

Fix Deposit Account

This is a deposit account with a fixed period, ranging between 1 month, 3 months, 6 months or a year.  Deposits in this account offer a higher interest rate than most of the other account-types. The interest rate varies, depending on the duration and the amount of the deposit and we can help you to negotiate with the Bank in order to get out from your money the most.

One of the main characteristics of this account is that early withdrawals or early deposits before maturity are not possible. On the day of the maturity time, client can full or partial withdraw or deposits of any amount without any change.

Escrow Account,

Escrow generally refers to money held by a third-party on behalf of transacting parties. This kind of account is very well used among different cases such as the Real estate transactions, Purchase of commodities (iron, oil), hold solicitor’ “Clients” money, share buyback and Mergers & Acquisitions, revenue and profit sharing transactions.

Custodial Account

Dedalos Corporate and Fiduciary Services  can open for your a custodial account. They are widely used on the trading activities. We settle them for the beneficial of a beneficiary and administrated by our lawyers, the responsible persons, known as a custodian. Our firm will  prepare all the documentation and application to the procedure is finished fast, so you focused just on what it is important for your business.

Merchant Account,

When we mentioned a merchant account we referred to the type of bank account that allows businesses to receive on-line payments.

It is very demanded by those businesses which decide to sell their products through Internet and essential if you want to take your business directly to the consumer. A merchant account is established with a merchant acquiring bank and client needs to go through special procedure and some applications to get the approval from the Bank.

We can help you when you decide to go further.