Republic of Mauritius is an island nation in the Indian Ocean about 2,000 kilometres (1,200 mi) off the southeast coast of the African continent, the capital is Port Louis. The country includes the island of Mauritius, Rodrigues and the outer islands.  It is strategical location connecting Asia, Africa and Australia make them to be chosen as business platform.

Mauritius has enjoyed enduring political stability ever since its early days as an independent nation born in 1968. The Government is democratically elected every 5 years. The Constitution is based on the Westminter Parliamentary model. It has a hybrid legal system based on English and French laws. It has well established banking institutions with an efficient banking system and an international stock exchange.

The characteristics of the bank account in Mauritius are the following:

  • Mauritius Bank account doesn’t require physical presence. All the procedure can be managed by email, post and telephone. The procedure to open the bank account is simple.
  • Official language English and French.
  • Banks in Mauritius issues Visa debit cards, Prepaid and Credit Cards in USD currency. Furthermore, the client can chose between personalized or non-personalized cards (no-name cards).
  • Tax free for nonresident.
  • It is very developed system and very simple and friendly use.
  • A wide range of Multi-currency accounts.
  • Initial deposit is not required.
  • The Bank Institution that we cooperate with do not charge any statements fees, ledger fees or maintenance fees. There are also no monthly or yearly fees.
  • Online Banking.
  • Highly remunerated Fixed Deposit in foreign currencies.
  • Derivatives, Money Market and Trade Finance.

Procedure to open bank account in Mauritius and required documents.

  • Download Dedalos checklist here. So we can have all the information and the details of the bank account.
  • Send us Dedalos checklist and the required documents:
    • Copy of the Legal Documents of the company certify by a Notary.
    • Certified copy of Passport by Notary or Lawyer.
    • Original utility bill not older than 6 months (electricity, water, gas, telephone bill or bank statement)
    • Bank Reference letter in English and the details of the official of the bank.
    • French documents are accepted.
    • If the Director, Shareholder or Secretary is a legal entity. The corporate documents must be submitted.
    • CV of the Beneficial Owners.
  • In 24/48 hours Dedalos Banking Department will send you the bank application to be signed, and a report and questions that we can face with the Bank.
  • You will e-mail the bank application form to us, together with all the documentation mentioned above. We will review it and we will liaise with the Mauritius Bank until all is as demanded.
  • If everything is ok, client will courier all the above documentation directly to the Bank.
  • Once, the documentation will be received by the Mauritius Bank, the account will be active in 2 working days.