Some of the advantages enjoyed by the Cyprus companies are:

  1. The tax rate is 12,5% on the net profits, the lower on the European Union.
  2. No withholding tax on dividends payable to non residents.
  3. European VAT number in two working days
  4. Free movement of profits
  5. No capital gains tax
  6. No tax on salaries of employees outside Cyprus
  7. Double tax treaties with more than 50 countries, for example Spain, UK or India.
  8. Anonymity of the beneficial owners through the use of nominees services
  9. Dividend income is fully exempt from income tax
  10. Profits on disposal of shares and other securities are not taxable
  11. Cyprus Companies accept invoices from offshore jurisdictions such as Seychelles, Panama, Belize, BVI or Costa Rica.
  12. Bank Accounts in Cyprus are accepted by popular on-line payment companies such as Paypal.
  13. Gains from trading and disposal of securities are tax free