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Expertise in Digital Business

Our firm advises clients in several industries, from highly specialized industries such as luxury yacht design to traditional markets such as meat exports. Still, our true strength lies in our expertise in digital business.

Tailoring Solutions for the Online World

In the post-pandemic economy, where even corner shops have entered online sales, the term “digital business” can be so widely defined that it almost loses meaning. As part of our experience, we have identified certain categories of digital businesses, each with its own characteristics and requirements. These can be broadly separated into:

  • E-commerce platforms or clients relying heavily on the online sale of services or products, which is distinct from.
  • Companies that focus on online marketing, advertising, networking, and its subtype of affiliate marketing.
  • Persons or companies generate income via their online presence through their remarkable popularity among different platforms (Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, etc.).
  • Persons or companies who sell goods mostly, but also services in some cases, via established platforms such as eBay, Amazon, Etsy, or any other medium.

We recognized their needs by working closely with clients from all of the above categories. We adapted our services to cover all their needs, from legal and tax to compliance-specific legal requirements such as personal data protection and consumer rights to general contracts and legal advice.

The areas and ways in which we can assist the various types of online businesses are listed below so that whether complex or simple, we cater our advice to be as specific to your business as possible, and our team can take care of the following aspects of your business:

Setting the most convenient corporate structure for your business

Business Corporate Structure Optimization

Setting up a limited liability company is great as a first step for starting up your online business, and our team can help you with that all-important first step. But we can take you further and help you as the business grows by evolving your corporate structure, considering the challenges and requirements of your specific business while keeping in mind that unnecessary complexity is a hindrance and cost-efficiency is crucial. 

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Legal Advice, Agreements & Contracts

nnovation in the digital world is still bound by past and present laws. And so your business will go through stages where the need for accurate and reliable legal advice may range from your first contract for engaging your first freelancer to the sale of the business and your exit as a successful entrepreneur. Each case is different, and each company has its own story, but we have seen many examples to prepare us for advising clients on the whole range of the spectrum. 

Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property

In many cases, all of the above types of digital business create new types of intellectual property, whether it's a new brand, software, or artistic pictures. The protection, taxation, sale, and purchase of these intangible rights is a specialized area of law requiring dedicated advice. Our team can assist you with diverse services, from registering your trademark for your business name, logo, or product name to copyright protection for original content on your website or any software you develop. 

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Terms & Conditions

We dedicate a specific mention to this part of the business because many startups opt to download boilerplate terms and conditions ready off the web. This might work briefly initially, but in many cases, this is just a recipe for disaster waiting to happen, especially if the plan is scaling up your business. We can assist you in drafting clear and comprehensive terms of service suitable for your specific model of e-commerce or type of digital platform. 

Privacy and Data Protection

Privacy & Data Protection

As an online entrepreneur, you may end up collecting and processing personal data from your website visitors, subscribers, or users. Online businesses' efforts to ensure compliance with the notorious GDPR are no secret, but sensible measures don't often have to be restrictive to your business model. We can assist you in navigating the complex world of personal data protection in a way that makes sense for your business. 

Tax Planning


For anyone watching the developments in the area of taxation of online businesses for the past decade, one thing is painfully obvious. All major countries are fighting to pass new and updated laws to catch as much of this revenue as possible. Our professionals will assist you in understanding your tax obligations and ensure you comply with the plethora of new taxation rules.

Accounting Services

Accounting Services

The large sales volumes involved and the possibility to attract users from all over the globe, which make digital business so lucrative, are the main factors that complicate matters when it comes to maintaining proper accounting records and complying with reporting obligations. The situation becomes even more complicated, especially considering reporting requirements with different acronyms for different filings, such as VAT, VIES, OSS, or EORI. Our team has the experience and tools to help you deal with these challenges and ensure your business always fully complies with its requirements. 

Outsourcing Financial Control or Operations / Corporate Structuring Services

Outsourcing Financial Control or Operations

Going beyond the dedicated accounting services, we also offer the option to clients to outsource aspects of their financial controlling function to our team, whether parts of operations such as invoicing and collection, or financial management such as verifying or executing payments on your behalf, we become as much involved in your business as you wish. We aim to free up your time so you can concentrate on the important parts of the business!