The stability of Germany is unquestionable. Dedalos cooperates with a German bank that also offer electronic payment system which is extremely easy to set up and risk management services.

The characteristics of the bank account in Germany are the following:

  • No personal visit is required. Client is expected to send his personal documents, completed and signed bank forms and corporate documents to the bank upon receiving of our request.
  • The procedure to open the bank account is very fast.
  • Dedalos will be able to certify all the provided documentation, so clients donĀ“t need to notarize all the document and spend more time.
  • Only EU companies and EU individuals can apply.
  • High Risk business are accepted.
  • It is very developed system, very simple and friendly use.
  • Initial deposit is not required. However, we recommend to make an initial deposit of 1000 Euros.
  • Excellent Online banking

Procedure to open bank account in Germany and required documents.

  • Download Dedalos checklist here. So we can have all the information and the details of the bank account.
  • Send us Dedalos checklist and the required documents:
    • Copy of the Legal Documents of the company.
    • Copy of Passport.
    • Original utility bill not older than 3 months (electricity, water, gas, telephone bill or bank statement)
    • Original Bank Reference letter in English and the details of the official of the bank.
    • Original Professional reference letter in English (the bank will contact with the professional who has issued the bank reference letter).
    • If the Director, Shareholder or Secretary is a legal entity. The corporate documents must be submitted.
    • CV of the Beneficial Owners.
  • In 24/48 hours Dedalos Banking Department will send you the bank application to be signed, the allocated bank account numberĀ  where you should send an initial deposit of 250 Euros. Also a report and questions that we can face with the chosen Bank.
  • You will e-mail the bank application form to us, together with all the documentation mentioned above. We will review it and we will liaise with the Bank until all is as demanded. Important, the bank will not review the documentation if the initial deposit of 250 Euros is not transferred.
  • If everything is ok, client will courier all the above documentation directly to the Bank.