We offer notarization, attestation, apostille or legalization of  documents. A service solutions to clients ranging from companies to individuals who are seeking to solve  the everyday demands from government or institutions paper work. Dedalos will take care of the tedious administrative work enabling our clients to concentrate on what it is really important, their business activities.

Our professional team, Legal associates and certified officer will assist you to certify any document that you might require.

As qualified experts in all aspects of Cyprus document processing, Dedalos offer the following services:

  • Notarization of Documents and Agreements
  • Notarization of Corporate Documents
  • Apostille of Corporate Documents
  • Attestation of Personal Documents
  • Attestation of Corporate Documents
  • Legalization of Personal Documents
  • Legalization of Corporate Documents
  • Tax Residency Certificates
  • Document Clearance from all Government Departments, Ministries, Consulates, Embassy
  • Certification by Lawyer