Virtual office and real office.

Nowadays, when investors decides to carry out activities through Cyprus companies, substance solutions will be demanded as an important part of the process of incorporation of the company. Especially because the absence of economic substance could be an evidence for abusive tax avoidance in many jurisdictions. Dedalos can assist you to create a fullĀ  and commerciality of your business, being effectively managed and controlled from Cyprus.

We strong recommend to all our clients to consider adding substance at the level of their Cypriot structures. Our experience assisting international clients showed us that each business needs specific solutions:

  • Advising regarding the appropriate level of substance. We look case by case and advise which is the most appropriate solution.
  • Management services
  • Offices spaces: rental and personnel. We will provide you with real allocated offices which will include all the services that are needed: internet, telephone number, conference space.
  • Dedicated phone, fax line, courier accounts.
  • Employee services
  • Insurance policy coverage
  • Creation of corporate website through our associates
  • Listing of Cyprus company shares on alternative market
  • Set up of independent IT environment

We can provide you with the following services:

  • Registered Address: provides the company with the necessary legal address as provided by the law in order to register and maintain the company including all necessary correspondence with the Registrar of Company, serving of legal processes etc.
  • Business Address: provides the company with the right to use the Address on all letterheads and correspondence of the company. It includes the receipt of all mailings and correspondence to the company
  • Mail Forwarding
  • Mail Digitization: This service includes the forwarding of all correspondence of the Company, by post, to a nominated address.
  • Telephone Redirecting: This service includes the nomination of an individual telephone line (number) and the redirection of all phone calls to a nominated telephone number.
  • Telephone Automated answering
  • Telephone Human answering
  • Fax Forwarding
  • Real Allocated office
  • Office Space Rental