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Optimizing Corporate Compliance

The legal requirement in Cyprus mandates that each Company maintains a registered office within the Republic of Cyprus, complemented by at least one director and one secretary. It's permissible for the same individual to occupy both the director and secretary roles, especially if a single shareholder owns the Company. While there's no obligation for the director or secretary to be a Cypriot resident or national, their residency status can significantly influence the Company's tax residency considerations.

Our firm, adept in Cyprus company administration services, is authorized to offer comprehensive administrative services to legal entities within Cyprus and other jurisdictions. As part of our suite of services, we are equipped to appoint the director and secretary for our clients' companies. By leveraging our Cyprus company management expertise, we alleviate the administrative burdens from our clients, ensuring their Company aligns with the desired tax residency status effectively. This approach not only simplifies the administrative process for our clients but also strategically positions their Company for success within the regulatory landscape of Cyprus.

Company Tax Residency

As a general rule in Cyprus, as in most of the OECD countries, a company is considered a tax resident in the country where management and control are located and implemented. However, when it comes to actually determining management and control, there is no clear definition. Instead, several factors are taken into consideration, mainly: 

  • The tax residency of the directors of the Company and whether the directors are properly qualified, with experience and expertise to exercise their duties.
  • The place where the key strategic and management decisions are made is determined by the place in which general meetings are conducted, along with ensuring where resolutions, agreements, strategic decisions, contracts, and other important documents are executed.
  • The place where the Company maintains business premises and such an office should have its business line, email account, and all furniture and equipment necessary to operate. Accounting records, share register, company seal, and other administrative documents must also be kept in the Company’s offices.
  • The Company’s bank accounts must be managed and controlled by the directors, even if the accounts are held in overseas banks.

As a licensed and experienced Administrative Service Provider, our team can provide your Company with all the support services required to ensure compliance with the above requirements.  

  • Recruitment and training of professional directors
  • Administrative and Management support services
  • Office spaces: rental and personnel. We will provide you with real allocated offices including all the needed services: internet, telephone number, conference space.  
  • Dedicated phone, fax line, and courier accounts.
  • Insurance policy coverage
  • Creation of a corporate website through our associates
  • IT and back-office support

Our commitment to delivering exemplary Cyprus company management and administration services ensures your business not only meets Cyprus’s legal requisites but thrives within its regulatory and economic landscape.


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