Cyprus Company Setup

Incorporating your Company in Cyprus

Cyprus has beautiful beaches and world-famous goat cheese and is one of the easiest and most business-friendly jurisdictions to start your business and incorporate your company. Local legislation administration sets out a very straightforward process, and your Cyprus company setup process can be completed within 7-10 working days. There is no need for physical presence, and the process can be completed remotely.

The system for registering a company in Cyprus has been fully digitalized, and the incorporation procedure is simplified and fast. 

Our team will handle the procedure and provide all the necessary information and documents to have your company ready so you can focus on your business. 

Guidelines and assistance during the Cyprus company setup process follow the steps below:

  1. Name approval: We provide a preliminary consultation on whether the Registrar would approve the companies' names. We also keep a list of pre-approved names for those situations where time is of the essence.
  2. Preparation of forms and statutory documents: Our team will prepare all the necessary forms and statutory documents required for the incorporation of a company. 
  3. Incorporation Procedure: Once all forms and statutory documents have been filed, the incorporation procedure usually takes 5-6 working days. 

Our team can help you with more elaborate services related to the incorporation of a Cyprus company, such as:

  1. Drafting Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association. The Memorandum of Association and the Articles of Association ("MAA") must be drawn by a local lawyer and are divided into two parts. While the standard version of the MAA is normally used, our team can assist you in drafting specialized clauses to regulate specific matters such as voting procedures and rights, the number and authority of directors, or the purposes of a company.
  2. Share capital. Our firm provides the information to establish the company's share capital. The local legislation allows for different classes of shares with different rights attached to each class to accommodate various types of business arrangements or types of ownership of an entity. 
  3. Company officers. We assist you in establishing the company's structure (Director/ Secretary), and we specialize and cooperate with HR Recruitment for those clients that need specific personnel. 

"Shelf companies" 

Alternatively, in cases where companies are required on the same day, we can provide already-registered companies, often referred to as shelf companies. The company will be able to obtain a VAT registration number in 24 hours.  

Our firm will provide the director(s), secretary and shareholders and can be changed at a later stage. 

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