Compliance & Licensing

Compliance & Licensing Services for Investment, Crypto, and Payment Businesses

As legal experts, we can assist you with compliance with any specific rules applicable to your activities and consequently obtain any license necessary for carrying out these activities. Our part comes in examining your current or intended operations and determining which specific rules apply and the best approach for compliance that makes sense for your particular business.

In terms of licenses, the most common types of licenses we can assist clients in obtaining are the following:

Investment Services License

The exciting new ways digital businesses have evolved from traditional companies or created new revenue streams is truly remarkable. This opens up new possibilities and ways to disrupt existing markets, such as the market of investment services. Our team has assisted clients in obtaining different types of licenses suitable for entering the market of investment services, from the setup of an Alternative Investment Fund to a full-fledged Cyprus Investment Firm license.

Crypto Trading License

The days of the Wild West seem to be over, and obtaining a crypto license in several jurisdictions worldwide is possible. In the absence of global coordination, the requirements for licensing vary greatly between different jurisdictions and offer other advantages. The crypto world has three main characteristics that make it especially challenging for legal advisors: it is fast-paced, diverse, and highly technical. This is why we work closely with clients wishing to enter the space of crypto trading so we are able to understand their specific needs and advise them on the best solution for their business.

Payment Services

A more traditional industry where we advise clients is providing payment services and electronic money issuing. Companies wishing to offer payment services or issue electronic money without opting for a full-fledged banking license now have various options. However, it's crucial to recognize that only some of these options are created equal. The goal is to find a harmonious balance between the ease of obtaining a license and the reputation of the jurisdiction granting it.

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