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Dedalos: Beyond Boundaries

This is where we should say a few words about ourselves and try to sell you some services. So, let’s dig in. 

Dedalos - Our Team

First, a few words about the name DEDALOS and what it stands for so you can better understand what we aim to accomplish. The name DEDALOS comes from ancient Greek mythology, and as the myth goes, Dedalos, a great inventor of his time, made the first wings that allowed humans to fly. He decided to test them out with his son, Icarus but warned the young man not to fly too close to the sun because the wax which held the feathers together would melt. But, as in most Greek myths, tragedy ensued, and Icarus got so carried away by the excitement of flight that he flew too close to the sun and ended up crashing into the sea.

The moral of the story, we think, sums up our company’s raison d’être. Innovation is an essential part of human nature and is what has driven us to the wonders of technology we see around us. But, as in the ancient myth, steps into the future need to be taken cautiously.

The founders of DEDALOS come from different parts of the legal industry, and there they saw a new need in the market, which came with the rise of digital business. These new innovators had needs that did not fit in with the traditional way law or accounting firms operated. The boundaries of the past, whether geographical, social, or physical, no longer applied to these new types of businesses.

Most traditional law firms typically get involved in a client’s business only after an issue arises or a client requests it. They usually aim to solve one issue at a time. Most traditional accounting firms get involved in a client’s business from the outset but only focus on a narrow company scope, mainly keeping the books up to date. We realized that these new types of digital businesses operate at the intersection between the regulatory and legal, accounting and tax. We saw that our clients faced new challenges and required a single point of reference for dealing with the rules and regulations involved in running their business.

So, we set up DEDALOS with the main purpose of providing very dedicated and innovative services to our clients. The term “boutique law firm” gets thrown around, but we are not interested in the traditional large-scale law firm approach of offering legal services to thousands of clients. That is why we see ourselves as a boutique law firm specializing in corporate law, including corporate structures and tax planning, with a special focus on e-commerce and digital business.

We built a team of lawyers who are experts in their field, accountants who understand the complexities of our clients, and a team able to adapt to the fast pace of the digital world.

We go beyond the traditional corporate and fiduciary services. We take a more hands-on approach to managing, administrating, and planning our client’s business. In response to an ever-changing regulatory environment, we work with our clients to ensure any arrangements we propose have the substance and backing required by newly introduced regulations.

We have a saying that running a business is like raising a child, and we take our client’s business as our own, which is why we think our clients trust us.

Dedication, Excellence, and Growth

Digital Business Services

Our Core Principles

Our main purpose is to provide our clients with a highly dedicated service. This approach to our clients’ business, as our own, has been the driving force behind our firm, and it is the reason why our clients choose us and stay with us.

The commitment of the Dedalos Team toward our client’s goals and objectives. We fully understand that the clients are searching for excellence, and Dedalos Corporate is committed to it.
We are committed to our clients’ stories and their values.

Dedalos Corporate approaches deadlines with like gospel regardless of whether they are minor or major tasks. Meeting deadlines is crucial in our sector, and we are transparent about the deadlines to our clients and associates.

We work and contribute to our client’s growth, adapting to their necessities and traveling where they need us.

Any process can be improved and is the essence of a successful business. We care for the legal and regulatory aspects so our clients can continue evolving their businesses.

Respect is the cornerstone on which we base our daily work. Concerning our clientele, associates, and our team,

We listen to our clients to offer the best personalized solution. We make our client’s dreams into a business.