Naturalization via Residency in Cyprus

Naturalization via Residency in Cyprus

Residency policies in Cyprus have been carefully designed to extend an invitation to both European and third-country citizens, offering them the unique opportunity to relocate and experience the numerous advantages of living in Cyprus. This initiative not only aims to bolster the economy through foreign investments but also to attract skilled individuals who can contribute to long-term economic growth by fostering industry development and facilitating the exchange of information, thereby creating a vibrant and dynamic living environment.

Third-country nationals have the flexibility to acquire Cypriot residency through various channels, including:

  1. Investment in Real Estate
  2. Investment in Cyprus Companies or Collective Schemes
  3. Employment in Foreign-owned Companies Operating within the Republic
  4. Employment in Cypriot Companies with Substantial Turnover
  5. Intra-corporate Transfers within the Same Group of Companies
  6. Participation in the Cyprus Startup Visa Scheme enables talented entrepreneurs to enter, reside, and work in Cyprus to establish, operate, or develop a startup with significant growth potential.
  7. Pursuing Activities such as Work, Education, Visit, or Seeking International Protection
  8. Employment with Drilling Companies

Moreover, Cypriot residency policies offer the prospect of citizenship after a specified duration of legal residence in the Republic. These policies clearly delineate multiple pathways to obtaining citizenship, each characterized by distinct criteria and application procedures:

  1. Investment Route: This pathway involves an investment of at least €300,000 to secure Cypriot residency. After a residency period of five (5) years, this investment could potentially lead to citizenship, offering a gateway to the numerous benefits of being a Cypriot citizen.
  2. Legal Residence Pathway: Encompasses all other foreign nationals legally residing in Cyprus who may apply for citizenship following seven (7) years of residency.
  3. Highly Specialized Employment: Individuals residing in the Republic and engaged in highly qualified employment can pursue citizenship after at least three (3) years of residency.